Lurid Trumps: Video Nasties Series One – pre-order now!


Series One of the Video Nasties Lurid Trumps is set for release late February! Featuring 36 high-quality coated playing cards and exclusive cover card contained in a plastic box for safe-keeping, these exclusive designs feature the original video sleeve artwork, making them a feast for the eyes as well as tremendous gaming fun for all the family! Forget your Playstations and your XBoxes – this is the future!

Pre-orders from January 21st.

Original sleeve images and and exclusive cover card. Printed on high-grade, plastic-coated card and sealed in a plastic case. Strictly limited first edition.

Price: £8.00 plus shipping / handling.


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Gods and Monsters Records launches in the Autumn of 2014 with a selection of luxuriant and sought after recordings from yesteryear, available as limited edition vinyl for the connoisseur. From film soundtracks to the best of easy listening, spoken word and general weirdness, our releases come as tasty coloured vinyl and picture disc editions that will make you glad to be alive. A fest for the eyes and the ears!

And that’s not all – we’ll also have a selection of titles on CD and digital download formats – and if you ask nicely, cassette too! And we’ll be producing some fine tie-in merchandise and novelty items for the adventurous retronaut. Stay tuned…