Lurid Trumps – Mugs



What better way to savour your Ovaltine or Bovril than from a Lurid Trumps mug? Available with a combination of any three of your favoured cards from sets 1-3 of Lurid Trumps, or even featuring the artistic images of Whitehouse, Ferman or Bright, they are the ideal treat for one’s self or for anyone you know who imbibes liquid.

Due to absurd postage costs to foreign climes, we are unable to ship these outside of British waters – if you really insist, provision can be made, but please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for breakages within the postal system (this goes for the UK too).

To order, please click the link below, then send us an email at listing the three cards you’d like featured. £7.50 plus P&P

The list, should you need it.






Lurid Trumps – Series 3 – The Graham Bright Edition






32section3spread01Gods & Monsters return to complete the saga of the darkest days of UK home entertainment with the DPP’s Section 3 list of titles. These films were considered alarming enough to concern Magistrate’s Courts but had less of a chance of being found foul enough to lead to convictions should they progress to the High Court. Still liable at the time for seizure and forfeiture, they will now grace the final sets of our Video Nasties Lurid Trumps.

These titles will be split across two decks of Lurid Trumps – series 4, the James Anderton set, is available separately.

Series 3

x40 Plastic-coated, round-cornered cards

Top quality games-board

Exclusive title card featuring the visage of a key player in the farrago, in this case, Sir Graham Bright

All decks sent plastic-sealed and housed in a plastic case for transport and display.

Limited to 200 sets worldwide. Existing passengers will be aware of crazy internet auction prices on the Whitehouse and Ferman sets…do not miss out!

Postage costs all included:







Our cover-star, Graham Bright. The now Sir Graham Bright introduced the two private member’s bills which eventually became the Video Recordings Act in the UK. More magnificently, he claimed (and who’s to say he’s wrong?) that there was evidence that dogs could be corrupted by being exposed to the films which would eventually become banned. Graham joins Mary Whitehouse and James Ferman in our Hall of Infamy.




Lucio Fulci Playing Cards – Limited Steelbox Edition




For the dedicated gambler, professional warlock or to sit on your coffee table to woo prospective lovers, no self-respecting dwelling or gin palace is complete without them.


1. High quality poker-sized cards
2. 36 ‘pip’ cards, all featuring artwork from films associated with Lucio throughout his career
3. 16 face cards, featuring actors and crew from Fulci’s films
4. 2 jokers and cover card exclusive to this edition
5. Brushed steel box featuring a holographic image taken from an iconic film in Fulci’s canon.
6. Strictly limited edition of 300 units worldwide. Individually numbered.



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Lurid Trumps Video Nasties Series 2



For reasons we don’t fully understand, we have an extremely limited number of Series 2 Lurid Trumps for sale. These were limited to 200 copies and sold out in days, commanding (regrettably for us) astonishing prices on, as they say, internet auction sites. Series two, now referred to as The James Ferman Edition, features such cinematic joy as Zombie Flesh Eaters; I Spit on Your Grave; Island of Death and The Driller Killer. These are NOT re-prints – these are original stock which has materialised from our warehouse in Europe.

Other than online scalpers, this will be your last chance to own an incredibly sought after set.

36 cards printed on high quality card, sealed in cellophane and housed in a clear plastic case, these are a must for the collector!