Snow Globes

Nothing says “Happy Christmas”, “Congratulations”, “Happy Birthday” or “Sorry, I’ll never do it again” quite like a snow globe. Perfect as a keepsake, paper weight, decoration or rudimentary hand axe, Gods and Monsters are proud, nay, ecstatic to unveil the first wave of our snow globes.


Each globe contains an image we think befitting of sitting atop your mantelpiece. All globes have an image on each side, so whichever way you turn it, you are confronted by greatness. Constructed of heavy duty plastic, the two designs containing either glittery snow (awww) or red love hearts (bigger awww), they will be entombed in bubblewrap and dispatched in mug-sized boxes. Every effort will be made to ensure safe delivery from our end, those with angry postal delivery persons may want to have a word.


It is genuinely with regret that we have to add on postage to accommodate this – we try to keep things as cheap as we possibly can. International customers – we don’t want to cut you out of the loop but postage outside the UK is cripplingly expensive, as we’re sure you’re aware. Therefore, you are more than welcome to purchase but we recognise they are expensive because of this.


So, remember to leave us a note when paying by PayPal as to which design you want (heart and snow designs are not interchangeable) or if it doesn’t let you, send us an email at after you’ve paid. Shipping will be from week commencing 9th October 2016 – please allow a reasonable time for delivery

Available designs (many more due) – The Thing; Life Force; Eraserhead; Black Christmas; Silent Night, Deadly Night;Suspiria; Texas Chain Saw Massacre; Mogwai; The Fog; Halloween (snow only)

Bettie Page; Ilsa: She Wolf of the SS (heart globe only)

UK Customers – £10.00 plus £4.00 P&P

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International Customers – £10.00 plus £10.00 P&P

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Super 8 Glass Coasters


Now available – individually hand-made, high quality glass (not plastic) coasters featuring the lurid cover art from that most treasured of formats, the Super 8 film. A not insignificant 10cm x 10cm, each coaster is reverse-printed to ensure that unless you’re some kind of delinquent, the design is virtually scratch-proof. “But what of my mahogany occasional table?”, we hear you cry. Well, we’ve thought of that too.


Each coaster comes with four rubber feet to protect both your surfaces and your coasters. Marvellous. These are genuinely dazzling in the flesh and are available to order in sets of four, featuring art from these sci-fi and horror dazzlers – Master of Terror (also released as 4D Man and The Evil Force); the Roger Corman-produced Night of the Blood Beast; the visionary Dr X and the oft-cited influence on Evil Dead, Equinox.



UK Orders – £20 inc. P&P



International Orders – £25 inc. P&P






Danger: Diabolik Jigsaw

Presenting the latest entry to our best-selling cult jigsaw line – Mario Bava’s magnificent Danger: Diabolik! Made so fiendishly difficult that even Diabolik himself would struggle to complete it, we cannot sing the praises of the film highly enough, so have resorted to paying tribute to it in puzzle form.


As regular patrons will know, these are 300-piece jigsaws printed in high definition on glossy card and come with bootleg-effect sleeves in retro-style VHS cases, which, if you’re lucky, will come with battle scars from their hard labour in the 80’s video library wars.

UK Sales £20 inc. Postage & Packing

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International Sales £25 inc. Postage & Packing

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Gods and Monsters Bookmarks

Tired of losing your place while reading? Ashamed of folding your precious paperbacks over or folding back pages? Of course you are! Gods and Monsters comes to the rescue with a new range of splendid metal bookmarks,  designed to not only keep your place but also cause as little damage to the grimoire or almanac in the process.


These 130mm metal bookmarks are solid, yet very slim, ensuring that they don’t bulge out your pages.  With rounded corners for your comfort, these are also ideal for underlining and as reading aids.

Plenty of designs to chose from, with more added regularly! Please note, as with all our products, they are designed to feature an image that resists every-day wear and tear. No shoddy bootleg T-shirt-type nonsense.

£10  £5 EACH INC P&P (UK)

Preview Image



Preview Image

Remember to state the required design when ordering




Note that these metal bookmarks are hand cut and printed, so please allow up to two weeks for delivery in the UK, longer, naturally, overseas.

Gods and Monsters’ Count Dante Coin Wallet

I know what you are thinking – “why would I want something as girly as a coin wallet”? Well, shut up with that sexist and outdated attitude, sir, because this is as manly a product as is possible to find.



Featuring the legendary Count Dante – self-proclaimed ‘deadliest man alive’ (well, he was certainly deadly to the pocket money of 1970s comic book readers) and his fabled Black Dragon Fighting Society on the flipside, you can be sure that no one would dare to steal this from you – in fact, pickpockets would no doubt sheepishly return it, fearful that you would despatch them with a single blow. Of course, by ordering this wallet, you have agreed to only use your Black Dragon fighting skills for self-defence.


A magnificent 120mm x 90mm in size, this wallet is big enough to hold your coins, notes and even cards securely, in two compartments, yet takes up less space in your pocket than a conventional wallet.  Alternatively, it makes a handy holder for throwing stars and other martial arts weaponry – not that we would encourage such things.

Also included in this very special product is a facsimile of the original DIM MAK ‘The Death Touch’ comic book ad!


Preview Image



Preview Image

Each wallet is hand printed, so allow up to two weeks for delivery (UK)