Super 8 Glass Coasters


Now available – individually hand-made, high quality glass (not plastic) coasters featuring the lurid cover art from that most treasured of formats, the Super 8 film. A not insignificant 10cm x 10cm, each coaster is reverse-printed to ensure that unless you’re some kind of delinquent, the design is virtually scratch-proof. “But what of my mahogany occasional table?”, we hear you cry. Well, we’ve thought of that too.


Each coaster comes with four rubber feet to protect both your surfaces and your coasters. Marvellous. These are genuinely dazzling in the flesh and are available to order in sets of four, featuring art from these sci-fi and horror dazzlers – Master of Terror (also released as 4D Man and The Evil Force); the Roger Corman-produced Night of the Blood Beast; the visionary Dr X and the oft-cited influence on Evil Dead, Equinox.



UK Orders – £20 inc. P&P



International Orders – £25 inc. P&P






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