Cambridge B-Movie Festival

It’s that time of the year again – try to recoup the deposit on your summer holiday, far more important events demand your attention!

Gods & Monsters will be appearing at this year’s Cambridge B-Movie and Shorts Festival, which takes place on 29th and 30th July. On show will be a plethora of G&M-friendly titles from The Stuff and Destroy All Monsters to Yor and one of the most talked-about genre films of the year, The Void.


We will be manning a stall throughout the event offering the treasures to which the masses have come to expect from us: Lurid Trumps sets; Lucio Fulci poker cards; unholy jigsaws; obscure horror and exploitation films; inappropriate snow globes; soundtracks; bags and mugs with incredibly unlikely designs and much more will be available to buy – even more excitingly, some of these will be adorned with ultra-ridiculously limited designs only on sale at the event.

Bring lots of money.

Cambridge B-Movie Festival



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