Gods and Monsters’ Count Dante Coin Wallet

I know what you are thinking – “why would I want something as girly as a coin wallet”? Well, shut up with that sexist and outdated attitude, sir, because this is as manly a product as is possible to find.



Featuring the legendary Count Dante – self-proclaimed ‘deadliest man alive’ (well, he was certainly deadly to the pocket money of 1970s comic book readers) and his fabled Black Dragon Fighting Society on the flipside, you can be sure that no one would dare to steal this from you – in fact, pickpockets would no doubt sheepishly return it, fearful that you would despatch them with a single blow. Of course, by ordering this wallet, you have agreed to only use your Black Dragon fighting skills for self-defence.


A magnificent 120mm x 90mm in size, this wallet is big enough to hold your coins, notes and even cards securely, in two compartments, yet takes up less space in your pocket than a conventional wallet.  Alternatively, it makes a handy holder for throwing stars and other martial arts weaponry – not that we would encourage such things.

Also included in this very special product is a facsimile of the original DIM MAK ‘The Death Touch’ comic book ad!


Preview Image



Preview Image

Each wallet is hand printed, so allow up to two weeks for delivery (UK)

4 thoughts on “Gods and Monsters’ Count Dante Coin Wallet

  1. Is there anyway to send us money order? Or check? What’s the USA dollar price? Big fan of COUNT Dante GHANKS DO MUCH,don’t really want to use pay pal wife will kill me😫.


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