Gods and Monsters Card Holders

Picture the scene: you have just met a potentially important business contact or attractive personage, and need to hand over your details. But as you fumble in your wallet to retrieve that dog-eared business card, you can see their growing contempt. That big deal or hot date is slipping through your fingers!



Thanks to your caring chums at Gods and Monsters, such faux pas can be a thing of the past.  We present to you our new range of VHS sleeve card holders. These shiny silver metal cases, slim enough to slip unobtrusively into any pocket, will hold a solid wodge of cards, keeping them in pristine condition. And they can also be used to hold credit cards, store cards, oyster cards… well, you get the picture. And for all we know, they might even stop a bullet for you (this is not guaranteed, so don’t try it at home).



What’s more, with the cover of a classic VHS sleeve emblazoned across the front on polished metal, you are sure to impress your new contact immediately. We’re not saying that these will definitely land you that new contract or get you laid, but they probably will.

anthropophaguscardholder cannapoccardholder cannibalcardholder drillerkillercardholder rawforcecardholder madfoxescardholder


£15 INC P&P (UK)

Preview Image



Preview Image

State the required design when ordering or email us with your choice at monstergods@hotmail.com

Each card holder is hand crafted, so allow up to two weeks for delivery (UK)

All items are made individually – please allow for very minor differences to images displayed here.

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