Gods and Monsters Mugs

Shipping from mid August 2017 – pre-order now to guarantee first delivery!

Amply proportioned for the thirsty traveller and individually boxed, all feature top-notch, ultra hi-def printing. Although we recognise that the postage costs for those outside the UK are eye-watering, we wanted to make them available to everyone – we’ve kept the prices down as low as it’s possible.


All mugs have a white base, though you’ll likely only see the handle and the inside to prove this. Unlike many other mugs you may see, these are dishwasher-friendly and won’t have the design rubbed off through frantic tea drinking binges. 100s more designs forthcoming! Requests welcomed! All mugs are made to order so please allow a reasonable time for delivery – we will inform you when your order is dispatched.

UK Customers: £7.50 + £3.50 P&P

European Orders: £7.50 + £5.50 P&P

Rest of the World: £7.50 +£8.00 P&P

An American Werewolf in London

Bad Taste

Cannibal Ferox

Cannibal Holocaust



Dawn of the Dead 

Day of the Dead 

Evil Dead

Flash Gordon

The Fog




The Hills Have Eyes

The Howling

Miami Connection 

Night of the Living Dead

A Nightmare on Elm Street



Planet of the Apes



Return of the Living Dead

Sea Monkeys 

Star Wars


Texas Chain Saw Massacre

They Live

The Thing

Toxic Avenger

Twin Peaks

Zombie Flesh Eaters 

Still available – Lurid Trump Mugs – any three cards of your choice, or Mary Whitehouse, James Ferman, Graham Bright or John Anderton

Lurid Trumps Mugs


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