Lurid Trumps – Mugs



What better way to savour your Ovaltine or Bovril than from a Lurid Trumps mug? Available with a combination of any three of your favoured cards from sets 1-3 of Lurid Trumps, or even featuring the artistic images of Whitehouse, Ferman or Bright, they are the ideal treat for one’s self or for anyone you know who imbibes liquid.

Due to absurd postage costs to foreign climes, we are unable to ship these outside of British waters – if you really insist, provision can be made, but please be aware that we cannot be held responsible for breakages within the postal system (this goes for the UK too).

To order, please click the link below, then send us an email at listing the three cards you’d like featured. £7.50 plus P&P

The list, should you need it.






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