Lurid Trumps: Video Nasties Series One – pre-order now!


Series One of the Video Nasties Lurid Trumps is set for release late February! Featuring 36 high-quality coated playing cards and exclusive cover card contained in a plastic box for safe-keeping, these exclusive designs feature the original video sleeve artwork, making them a feast for the eyes as well as tremendous gaming fun for all the family! Forget your Playstations and your XBoxes – this is the future!

Pre-orders from January 21st.

Original sleeve images and and exclusive cover card. Printed on high-grade, plastic-coated card and sealed in a plastic case. Strictly limited first edition.

Price: £8.00 plus shipping / handling.


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6 thoughts on “Lurid Trumps: Video Nasties Series One – pre-order now!

  1. Man this is sweet! I actually had this idea a couple of years ago and shared it on a thread on Cult Labs, suggesting that Shameless Screen Entertainment produced a set for their releases. I also mentioned the nasties! Really glad that someone actually went out and did it, great job guys, can’t wait to pick up a set!


    • Hi – we’re hoping to get them from the manufacturers very soon (vague, I know – within a fortnight) and will be posting them out immediately. Series Two on sale soon! We’ll keep you informed.


  2. These look fantastic!

    I’ve only just learned of these, via an article published on , and I’m gutted to have missed the pre-order.

    Please can you tell me if there will be a 2nd printing of Set 1, or is it too late? I’m something of a completionist collector, so I’d feel a bit meh if I could only ever get Set 2….

    Thanks and good luck with Set 2!


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